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Logitech Inc. Contracts with SOA Expert, TasmanAve Inc., to Evaluate Worthiness of SOA as Future Technology Foundation

TasmanAve Announces it has been Selected by Logitech to Lead SOA Readiness Assessment

San Jose, California, January 2, 2007 -- TasmanAve, Inc., today announced that it has been selected to evaluate the applicability and readiness of SOA for Logitech.  As the resident expert on SOA, TasmanAve (TA) will walk Logitech through its SOA Readiness process, through an SOA Foundation Analysis (including SOA platform vendor evaluation and SOA Investment Planning) and lastly work together to recommend a jumpstart project to put into production. TA and Logitech aim to complete this initial phase by the end of summer.  TasmanAve was chosen to lead this effort because of its reputation in the SOA field; in a rather nascent IT field, TasmanAve is considered an industry expert.

"TasmanAve is excited to work with Logitech and help demonstrate the value of SOA.  As always, we realize that SOA needs to meet Logitech's needs and not vice versa.   TasmanAve will work meticulously to bring about this paradigm shift using finesse, or rather a mix of art and science.  We ensure our clients choose what is right for them—sifting through the hype and bringing reality into the discussion," said Naresh Apte, TasmanAve Founder and CEO.

About TasmanAve, Inc.

TasmanAve, Inc. ( is dedicated to providing strategic and implementation consulting services at the intersection where interoperability, process integration, and SOA technologies meet. TasmanAve strives to make its customers successful in their journey to become more agile and interoperable with its team experienced in architecting, developing, and sustaining mission critical solutions. TasmanAve delivers to this vision in several enterprise application areas such as Business-to-Business (B2B), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and Service portal solutions. For more information about TasmanAve, visit our Web site at

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