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TasmanAve, Inc. is dedicated to providing strategic and implementation consulting services at the intersection where interoperability, process integration, and SOA technologies meet. TasmanAve strives to make its customers rolex replica successful in their journey to become more agile and interoperable with its team experienced in architecting, developing, and sustaining mission critical solutions. TasmanAve delivers to this vision in several enterprise application areas such as Business-to-Business (B2B), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and Service portal solutions. Contact us to find out more.


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Leadership Team Bios

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  Naresh Apte, Founder & CEO

Prior to founding TasmanAve, Inc. Naresh was with Hewlett-Packard Company
for several years as a Program Manager. He was part of HP's Web services
product team and managed Service-oriented solutions in that capacity. He has
1 patent awarded on Web services technology and has 2 additional patents
pending. He has well-rounded experience in business process analysis in B2B
and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Web services, and Supply Chain
Management (SCM). He has published extensively on technical and management
topics in these areas; including replica watches two books devoted to Web services and UDDI.
Naresh has given talks and seminars internationally at several companies and
government organizations on Web services vision and Service Oriented
Architecture (SOA). He is also involved in providing strategic consulting to
IT and business managers on technology issues to companies such as Cisco,
NTT DoCoMo, and Hewlett-Packard. Naresh holds a Master of Science degree in
Computer Science from Michigan Technological University and Bachelor of
Engineering from University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India.

Chad Salinas

Chad Salinas has built and harvested three technology firms.  Before
creating Najdorf in 2001, Chad was founder and CEO of the nation's largest
managed firewall and network rolex replica security firm.  Chad enjoyed earlier success in
building and selling a business that integrated the disparate e-mail systems
of companies like AIG, Barclays Bank PLC, Citicorp, Lehman Brothers, Merrill
Lynch, and Pfizer.  At the beginning of his career, Chad co-developed the
first and only e-mail gateway allowing users of HP computers to send e-mail
through  MCI Mail.  Chad earned his BA in Economics from New York University (NYU). Chad
received his MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business where he double majored
in Finance and Accounting.

Toral Kale

Toral Kale  has been with Hewlett-Packard for 10 years before joining TasmanAve, Inc. as VP of Delivery and Marketing. As a Senior Product Manager at Hewlett-Packard, Toral worked on several new product introductions in software, partner programs, and standards spaces.  She has participated in Information Technology solutions in various capacities and has extensive experience in designing and managing large-scale enterprise applications to maximize scalability and availability. Toral has also published widely in the areas of business and technology. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Decision and Information Sciences, with honors, from Santa Clara University.

Nikhil Arora

Nikhil served as director of Product Development for a number of Fortune 500 companies in the hi-tech space for 11 years. Within this capacity, Nikhil served as vice president of Engineering, responsible for managing and delivering high quality hi-tech products. Nikhil holds a Masters of Science degree in Engineering from University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India and Bachelor of Engineering from University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India.

Vaishali Jain

Vaishali has worked in the IT industry since 1992, working on projects in both Asia and the United States. During this time Vaishali has worked in the development and management of IT systems, in positions ranging from the engineering to director level, focusing in on operational excellence. Areas of experience include financial systems, e-commerce, customer support portals and content management. Vaishali has a B.S. in Computer Studies from University of Pune, Pune, India. 

Gopal  Ramakrishnan

Gopal Ramakrishnan has over 20 years of experience in networking and
semiconductor industry.  He received his B.Sc (Physics) and B.Tech
(Electronics and Communications) from University of Madras, INDIA. He
received his M.S (Electrical and Computer Engineering) from University of
Missouri. He worked for leading Indian Computer companies such as WIPRO, DCM
Dataproducts for four years before coming to USA to pursue his higher
education. After receiving his M.S Degree, Ramakrishnan worked for National
Semiconductor Corp, Advanced Micro Devices, Digi International (MiLAN
division), Vitesse Semiconductor Corp and Velio Communications Inc in various
roles ranging from Applications Engineer to Director of Technology & Dir. Of
Applications Engg./ Reference Systems. Ramakrishnan also managed Giraffe
Network Systems as a sole proprietary business for 10 years providing
software and hardware design solutions to different vendors. Ramakrishnan
represented National Semiconductor Corp and AMD at ANSI (FDDI) Committee
(technical) meetings. He co-authored a book on FDDI published by
Prentice-Hall and taught a course at University of California-Berkeley
(evening program). In addition to presenting few papers at technical
conferences, Ramakrishnan designed a number of physical (both fiber and
copper) transceiver products.  Currently, Gopal Ramakrishnan is the CEO /
President of Bayside Design Inc, a startup service company in the area of
high speed interconnect arena providing Layout/ Signal integrity services to
advanced IC package and board designs.



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